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"Psychedelic Sundae" March 1984-March 1985, WITR-FM

Hosts: Mick Alber & Mike Murray

1 hour show, 5-6pm Sunday. Mostly 1960's Garage rock, with some Psychedelic

"Boss Beat" April 1985-July 1987, WITR-FM 

Hosts: Mick Alber & Mike Murray 

Show expands to 2 hours & then three (3-6pm) Sunday. 1960's Surf, Instrumental, British invasion, '60's and some 80's Garage rock, Local Bands, Dels' Corner.

"Whole Lotta Shakin" August 1987 to present. August 1987-October 2010, WITR-FM. Show moved to WRUR-FM in November 2010.


Mick Alber & Mike Murray (through 1997)

Mike Murray (1997-98)

Mike Murray with co-host Del Rivers (1999-2003)

Mike Murray (2003-2010)

Show expands to 4 hours, from 3-7pm Sunday. 1950's to present: Rockabilly, Twist, Instrumental, Wild R&B, Surf, Hot Rod, British invasion, 1960's-current Garage & primitive rock 'n' roll. Some 70's punk, Glitter, Glam. Lotsa Rock 'n' roll, lotsa local artists. Show moved to Saturday morning in January 2010. Time reduced to two hours, but show runs three hours thanks to sympathetic program director & GM.

Mike Murray (2010-presnt)

Show moves to WRUR in November 2010, ans simulcast at WITH-FM Ithaca starting in 2013.