Rockin' Rochester: 1960's

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Rockin' Rochester: The 1960's:


"Rockin' Rochester" b/w "Lemon Lime" The Tempests-Lifetime 1010

"Love Letters" b/w "You Can Fall in Love" Steve Alaimo & the Redcoats-Dade 1805

"Blue fire" b/w "My heart never said goodbye" Steve Alaimo & the Redcoats-Dickson 6444/5 & Imperial X5699 (August/October)

"Dum Dee Dee Dum" b/w "Night Cap" Mickey Lane-Laurie 3071 (September)

"Record Hop Dream" b/w I Cried a Teen Age Tear" Lonnie Mae w/Gene (Cornish) & his Satelites-Fine (December)


"Perkin(s) b/w "Hi Ho-The Redcoats-Kite

"Unchained Melody" b/w 'It happens ev'ry time" Steve Alaimo-Imperial 5717 (January)

"Spooky" b/w "The Redcoats Are Coming" Count Stephen (Steve Alaimo)-Marlin 6103

"Big Bad Beulah" b/w " b/w 'I cried all the way home" Steve Alaimo-Checker 981 (June)

WHEC becomes the sole occupant of the channel 10 frequency in Rochester, as the WVET group purchases WROC channel 8. WHEC becomes a full-time CBS affiliate in 1962.

"All night long" b/w "I'm thankful" Steve Alaimo-Checker 989 (August)

"The Waiting's So Hard" b/w "You Got Me Whistling" Steve Alaimo-Checker 998 (November)


"Since I Lost You" b/w "Winner Takes All" Gene Cornish with the Gene Cornish Nobles -Vassar V-319 (January) 

"Ft. Lauderdale, USA" b/w "Johnny come home" Bill Friel & his Fabulous Furies-Joker 45 (Released January 27, 1962)

"Mashed potatoes (Part one)" b/w ""Mashed potatoes (Part two)" Steve Alaimo-Checker 1006 -(February) Debuted on Record World 3/12/62, # 100 for 1 week, Billboard Hot 100 March 17, 1962 for 1 week at # 81

"My Friends' b/w "Goin' back to Marty" Steve Alaimo-Checker 1018 (June)

"One good reason" b/w "Cry myself to sleep" Steve Alaimo-Checker 1024 (September)

"Let's Do The Capri" b/w "Lonely Will I Stay" Gene Cornish w/the Tomlin Sisters-Dawn 550 (September)

September 8, 1962:WROC-TV moves from channel 5 to channel 8 on September 8, 1962, as part of another channel allocation change, while WHEN-TV in Syracuse moves from channel 8 to channel 5, to allowed a new station on channel 9 to enter the Syracuse market. WROC becomes Rochester's full-time NBC affiliate. 

September 15, 1962: Channel 13, WORK-TV, signs on the air as Rochester's ABC affiliate.

"Everyday I have to cry" b/w "Little girl" Steve Alaimo-Checker 1032-(December) Debuted on Billboard Hot 100 1/5/63. Highest position: # 46, -10 weeks on charts, Cashbox 1/19/63 #45 -11 wks, Record World 1/19/63 #36 -9 wks. Steve Graduates from the University of Miami and he stays in Miami. The Redcoats follow suit, where they will stay until 1964 when they move to San Francisco and become The Mojo Men

Midtown Plaza, America's first indoor shopping mall, opens.


"My misery" b/w "Be mine" Catalinas-Novart

"Last days of Kinzua" b/w "Redskin rumble" Red Arrow & the Braves-Kinzua 101 (October)

"One more day, one more night" b/w "Lord, my cell is cold" Kack Klik-Kack Klik/House of Guitar Records (December) 


Armond & Bruce Schaubroeck open up the House Of Guitars at 645 Titus Avenue.

"Lightning" b/w "May You Walk Alone ?" Don & Tony & the Nighthawks-Star Artists 101

"I Wanna Be A Beatle" b/w "Oh, Misery" Gene Cornish & the Unbeetables-Dawn 551 (March)

"The Chiller" b/w "Chiller Limbo" Vic Plati Quintet -Brave Hearts (March) 

"What I'd say" b/w "Peanuts" The Unbeetables-Dawn 552  

"Take off with the Stingrays" 10" LP The Stingrays (with Brad Wheat, later of the Heard)

"I'm Allright" b/w "Stuff" The Invictas -Bengel 113 (March 1964)  WACK-AM in Newark, NY lists 'Stuff" as Ferde Smith's (later to find fame as Ferdinand J. Smith) Pick of the Weeks on 2/15/65.

"Stuff/I'm Allright/Ooh Poo Pah Do/Long Tall Shorty" The Invictas -Bengel DIS-1980 EP (Rec. 1964, released August 1980)  

"At The Beach" b/w "Summer's Comin'" Bobby Francis-Centaur 45 (May)

"Fade out, fade in" b/w "Love is a many splendored thing" Steve Alaimo-ABC-Paramount 10553 (May)

"As Time Goes By" b/w "Tomorrow" The Groop Ltd.-Integrity 213 (June 1964)

"Summertime" b/w "Teenager"  Bill Friel & his Fabulous Furies Integrity 214 (June 1964) 

"Echo" B/W "Desert Wind" The Vaqueros-Audition 6102 (June 1964)

July: 3 days of race rioting devestates the city.

"Shaggy Dog" b/w "Oo-Oo" Mickey Lee Lane-Swan 4183-Debuted Billboard 10/10/64, reached #38, 9 weeks. Cashbox 10/10/64,  #38, 10 weeks, Record World 10/24/64 # 43, 8 weeks.

"Live at Palisades Amusement Park" Gene Cornish & the Unbeatables-Fawn LP Gene Cornish joins Joey Dee & the Starlighters, and meets Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere, and Dino Dinelli, who form the Young Rascals late in the year.

"Dance Time" EP (Peanut Butter/You Can't Do That/Green Fields/Good Lovin')-Bobby & the Bombers-Century Custom 20017

'No return" b/w "Moon Relay" The Vistas-Tuff 451965 (September)

'Little Girl You Look So Fine" b/w "Together" The Noblemen-Epic 5-9723 (September)

Wednesday, September 16th: "Shindig" debuts  on ABC. Guests are Sam Cooke; The Everly Brothers; Jackie & Gayle; Bobby Sherman; The Blossoms; Alan Sues; The Wellingtons & The Righteous Brothers.

"Never Again" b/w "Who Are The Baby Dolls" The Baby Dolls-Skyline single (December)

"The Zoo" b/w "(They're All In) The Senior Class-Mickey Lee Lane-Swan 4199 (December) 


Tuesday, January 12th: "Hullabaloo" debuts  on NBC. Guests Host is Jack Jones; Headliners are Gerry & The Pacemakers, with guest artists  the New Christey Minstrels; The Zombies; Woody Allen; Joey Heatherton; Jocelyne.

The Rochester Americans win the American Hockey League's Calder Cup.

"The Hump" b/w "Long Tall Shortie" Sahara 107 (March 1965; # 1 on WSAY-AM, Rochester; also # 1 in Miami. Banned in Boston, of course.) (Available on The best of Herb Gross & the Invictas-Forevermore CD, 1996)

"Do It" b/w "The Hook" The Invictas -Sahara 110 (May 1965) (Available on: The best of Herb Gross & the Invictas-Forevermore CD, 1996; Garage Monsters comp. Vault LP 1986; Oil Stains # 1 comp. dB LP 1982)

Monday, June 28th: "Where The Action Is" debuts  on ABC. Guests are Jan & Dean. Dick Clark hosts, regulars include:  Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Knickerbockers, The Robbs, The Hardtimes, Steve Alaimo, Linda Scott, Keith Allison, Tina Mason, & The Action Kids. The show airs 5 days a week after school. The show runs through March, 1967.

"Little Girl (I Was Wrong)" b/w "When You're In Love-Mickey Lee Lane-Swan 4210

"College Psychology on Love" b/w "Babe, we are not part of society" the Churchmice-House of Guitars Records

"Never again" b/w "Who are the Baby Dolls" The Baby Dolls-Skyline

"Hey Sha-Lo-Ney" b/w "Of Yesterday"-Mickey Lee Lane-Swan 4222

The Invictas 'A Go-Go-Sahara LP 101

Monday November 1st: The Rolling Stones play the War Memorial. Police stop the show after seven songs because of the unruly crowd. Patti Labelle & the Blue Belles open the show.

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending November 13, 1965 has the Rolling Stones "Get Off of My Cloud" at #1. Future actor Jerry Fogel has the 6pm-10pm shift. He will soon leave for Hollywood and end up with a starring role in 'The Mothers-In-Law' on NBC

Saturday November 20th: Bob Dylan plays the War Memorial (the Hawks are his band).


The Blizzard of 1966 leaves 34 inches of snow, and shuts down city for five days.

"It's No Use" b/w "Somebody To Love" The Playboys-Bengel PK-122765 (February 1966)

"Mean Willy" P.B & the Staunchmen (Dansville, NY) Lee Records (February 1966) 

"Laugh with the wind" b/w "Stop it baby" The Heard-Audition Records (March 1966) 

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending March 25, 1966 has the Beatles "Nowhere Man" at #1. Also notable is The Heard at #6 with "Laugh With the Wind".  "Gloria" by the Shadows of Knight is listed as a "Pick To Pop"!!!

The Rochester Americans win the American Hockey League's Calder Cup.

"Land of olden" b/w "Drambuie"  The Coachmen (April 1966) (No label)  

"Warning" b/w "Take A Taxi" The Humans (Albion, NY) (May14, 1966) Audition  

"Bright lights, big city" Steve Alaimo-ABC-Paramount 10764

"The Only Thing To Do" b/w "She Don't Want To"-Mickey Lee Lane-Swan 4252

"Bad Trip" b/w "Wait For Me" The Darelycks Fine FI-111 (June 1966) 

" It Can Happen!!" b/w "Since You've Gone Away"  Little Peppy & Bare Existence Fine Records 45(September 1966)

"I Don't Want to Cry" b/w "Move Girl" Soul Brothers Six Fine Records 45(September 25, 1966)

"Time after time" b/w "Free as the wind" The Method-Fine Records

 "I don't want to cry " b/w "Move girl" Soul Brother Six-Fine FI-9M25661 (September 1966)

"Weird" b/w "Give Me A Try" Nu Sound Ltd. 6111 The Wee Four (October 1966) 

"All About Love" b/w 'Bo Diddley" The Cavemen-Capitol Star Artist 18285/86 (November 1966) Although recorded at Fine Recording Studio in Rochester, this group is from Buffalo,NY

September 6, 1966: WXXI-TV, channel 21, signs on the air as a full-time educational station from studios at East High School in Rochester. 

 "Nothing To Say Today" b/w "Turn On Your Love Light" The Show Stoppers-Columbia 43914 (November 14, 1966)


WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending February 18th, 1967 has the Monkees "Mary Mary/She, others" at #1 (which means the entire "More of the Monkees" LP). Future NBC newswoman and current WBBF DJ Jessica Savitch's Pick to Pop is "Yellow Baloon" by the Yellow Baloon.

"Come With Me (to another world)" b/w "Love Is Gone" The Angry Men -Torch T-1001 -#12 for the second straight week on WBBF's 2/10/67 "Busy Bee Official Super Hit Survey"

"Live For Today" b/w "Sad Boy " Vick Pernell (with The Hangmen ) Century 45

"My Rights" b/w "I Want Your Love" The Acoustics (Palmyra,NY)-Canaltown  

"It's Not That Way" b/w "You Wouldn't Believe Me" Terry Pillitere (of  the 'Wee Four') Nu-Sound Ltd. 6112 (March 1967)

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending March 10th, 1967 again has the Monkees "She, others" at #1 (which means the entire "More of the Monkees" LP).

"Some Kind Of Wonderful" b/w "I'll Be Loving You" The Soul Brothers Six-Atlantic 2406 (May 1967) Debuted on Billboard Hot 100 June 24, 1967. Highest position: # 91,  spent 1 week on chart.   

"If You Want To, Why Don't You" b/w "Once More With Love" The Show Stoppers-Columbia 44184 (June 27, 1967) Moves from #12 to #5 on WBBF's 8/4/67 "Busy Bee Official Super Hit Survey" 

July 27th: The Monkees play the War Memorial, with the Sundowners opening the show.

August 30th: Herman's Hermits, The Who & the Blues Magoos play the War Memorial.

"She Don't Got The Right" b/w "I Try!" The Young Tyrants-In Records 11M67101 (September 1967) ("She Don't Got The Right" is available on "Class Of '66" Wanted LP, 1995; "I Try" is available on "Open Up Yer Door!" Frog Death LP, 1984 & "Project Blue # 3: Nevermore-USA Teen Punkers 65-67" Project Blue LP, 1996)

October  28th: The Mothers Of Invention play the War Memorial.

"Lost" b/w "If You See Me" Pete Morticelli Nu-Sound 45

"Tobacco Road" b/w "Cat Squirrel " Beethoven's Dream Group  In Records (November 1967) (Batavia, NY group)

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending November 13th, 1967 has the Association's "Never My Love" at #1. An interesting debut at #22 is "From The Underworld" by The Herd (with Peter Frampton)

"Blow On" b/w "New World " America's Children Rondquoit

"What Can You Do When You Ain't Got Nobody" b/w "You Better Check Yourself"  The Soul Brother Six-Atlantic 2456-Debuted on Billboard "Bubbling Under" charts Jan. 27, 1968. Highest position: # 107,  spent 2 weeks on charts.  


"The Detroit Move" b/w "Shake A Tailfeather" The Invictas-Sahara 117 (February 1968) (Available on The best of Herb Gross & the Invictas-Forevermore CD, 1996)

The Rochester Americans win the American Hockey League's Calder Cup.

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending March 10th, 1968 has the First Edition (featuring Kenny Rogers) at #1. "Tapioca Tundra/Valleri" by The Monkes is at #3.

March  21st: The Jimi Hendrix Experience play the  Rochester War Memorial.

April 7th: Cream play the Eastman College Theater.  

"Queen Alice" b/w "News" The Trillium-Mr. G (June 1968)

"Your Love Is Such A Wonderful Love" b/w "I Can't Live Without You" The Soul Brother Six-Atlantic 2535 (July 1968) 

"Give Me One More Chance" b/w "Get It" Wilmer & the Dukes Aphrodesiac SME 260- -Debuted on both Cashbox & Record World charts June 22, 1968. Highest position CB: # 78,  6 weeks on chart, RW #65 weeks on chart. Debuted on Billboard Hot 100 July 20, 1968. Highest position: # 80,  spent 6 weeks on charts.  

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending August 18th, 1968 has Ray Stevens "Mr. Business Man" at #1. "Charlie & Fed/Light" by Bat McGrath and Don Potter is at #49.

"My Song" b/w "Hell Will Take Care Of Her" Brass Buttons -Cotillion 44013 (November 1968) 

WBBF 950 AM chart for the week ending September 8th, 1968 has Jeannie C. Riley's "Harper Valley P.T.A."" at #1. "Charlie & Fed/Light" by Bat McGrath and Don Potter moves up to #15.

"RU sure" b/w "Foxy Lady" Whey -Century

"Leaving Here' b/w "When I Get home"-The Rustix Cadet 5628 (November 1968) #25 and moving upon the 11/17/68 WBBF survey  

"Tutti Frutti" b/w "With Your Love-Mickey Lee Lane-Mala 12032(December 1968)

The Xerox Tower and Irondequoit Bay Bridge are completed.


WCMF-FM changes format (thanks to Herb Hamlett) to R&B from 6am to 3pm and Underground rock from 3pm to sign off at midnight.

"Thank You Baby For Loving Me" b/w "Somebody Else Is Loving My Baby" The Soul Brother Six-Atlantic 2592 (January) 

"Heavy Time' b/w "I'm Free" Wilmer & the Dukes Aphrodesiac SME 261 (February 1969)

March: The Mothers Of Invention play the War Memorial.

Wilmer & The Dukes (LP) Aphrodesiac (Available on: Wilmer & the Dukes-Forevermore CD, 1993)

July  15th: Led Zepplin play Rochester.

"Living In The USA" Wilmer & the Dukes Aphrodesiac 162 -Debuted on Billboard August 23, 1969. Spent 2 weeks on the chart, highest position #114. (Available on: Wilmer & the Dukes-Forevermore CD, 1993) (#22 WKNR, Detroit)

"What You Got (is so good for me)" b/w "Drive" The Soul Brother Six-Atlantic 2645

"Bedlam"  (LP) The Rustix  Rare Earth RS-508 -Debuted on Billboard Album chart November 15, 1969. Highest position: # 200,  spent 2 weeks on the charts.

"Can't you hear the music play?" b/w "I Guess This Is Goodbye" The Rustix  -Rare Earth 5011 (December 1969). The single makes both WBBF and WHFM's charts in early 1970.


*-Special thanks to Greg Prevost & Chuck Ciriello 

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